Bobby Kartsagoulis and Vasilios Ioannou – Elliniki Agora Fruit and Vegetable

Bobby Kartsagoulis and Vasilios Ioannou

Vasilios Ioannou: “This was the first fruit shop along 30th Ave.”


Bobby Kartsagoulis helped to set up Eliniki Agora Fruit and Vegetable (otherwise known as the 30th Avenue Fruit Market) in 1972.  He had moved to the USA from Greece in 1963, living first in Canada before he moved to New York.

The store sells fruit, vegetables and nuts, primarily from the US: from California, Georgia and Florida.  Bobby’s own favorite fruit is oranges. “They were everywhere in Sparta,” he says.  “They are the king of fruit.”

He says the Greek community in Astoria may be getting a bit smaller but it is still strong.  Many of the people he knew when he first moved to Astoria still live here.

The neighborhood has “changed too much,” he says.  “When I arrived most people were Greek and Italian.  Now there are people from all over.”  He says he continues to enjoy Astoria for its cafés, and the fact that you can easily find Greek food products.

Bobby Kartsagoulis

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Hi – it was a short interview, yes. I wish I spoke Greek! (Along with more of the other languages spoken along 30th Ave). But also after the first few interviews I stopped uploading the audios, just because of limited time to do it! I’ll be doing that in the coming months, including this one.

Elliniki Agpora is an excellent produce store. One correction thogh, they were not the first fruit store on 30th Avenue. I Mrecall there being 2 fruit and vegetable stores on 30th Avenue in the 1960s – 1970s between 34th and 35th street.

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